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How To Get Cashback When You Shop

It’s getting to the time of the year for heading off on your holidays and if you are not heading off you may be one of the lucky few who are already back from them. This time last year we went off from Ireland to Bulgaria and Greece in a campervan was great fun even if there where some scary moments driving over crazy mountains :-) When I came back I discovered that I could have got hundreds of pounds back along my trip including cashback on Ferries, cashback on diesel, even could have got money back on all my grocery shopping as well even in Bulgaria and Greece.

Being someone who also spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on fixing up properties I realised I could have got 8% back at my local Diy stores, computer and electrical supply stores  and thousands of other shops online and offline. The good thing is I realise this now today I decided my boys needed some new bikes I went to the store to buy them knowing I would save or get 7% back on all the purchases then went I went into the shop there was a 33% off sale for one day so I ended up getting 40% off normal purchase price.

And my cashback gets paid directly into my bank account and I get a text message telling me the money has been deposited in my bank account..  So far I have got about £500 in cashback benefits and it is growing rapidly. There is also an opportunity to recommend other people to get cashback on their shopping and make money too. For more information feel free to visit my website WWW.CashbackLoyalty.Net

P.S. If you are just heading off for your holidays and are booking online did you get your cashback yet?


How To Get Cashback When You Shop

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