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UK Shoppers Get Cashback In Your Favourite Shops



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UK Shoppers Get Cashback In Your Favourite Shops

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Cashback In Northern Ireland And UK With Tesco

Today I got my Tesco gift cards I also got a nice surprise as our Cashback is totalling about £18 which will get paid out next Tuesday.  I started using this company a few years ago and used to get Cashback on Diesel with Asda.  Unfortunately ASDA stopped the Cashback but Morrisons who are only in Mainland UK offered Cashback On Diesel For people who register for free with our company.

You get 2% Cashback on your shopping or Diesel In Tesco you also get a 1% Loyalty Bonus. Plus If you refer people you can get 1% cashback paid to you every time they shop as well.  So you may want to register friends and family just to get lots of money back.   Or you might like the idea of getting paid every time your friends and family go shopping.  Definetely a win win situation.

The only thing is do not go asking the companies directly for money back as you won’t get it.

You need to first register for free via our shopping network watch the video/Videos and just fill out the easy registration form and you will get a text message to your mobile with your registration details.  You must also check your email including spam or promotions folder and make sure you confirm your registration by clicking on the email before being a full member.

Don’t forget this is a worldwide company not just UK or Northern Ireland.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. You can still take advantage of cashback on your shopping. Just pick country from the list when registering 🙂

If you have any further questions or want to know how we can help you make money via your own business feel free to message me on Facebook or else use the contact me form on the top of this website.  And I can answer any questions you may have.

The great thing about this business is there is no selling involved you just offer people money back on things they are already buying. Anything from Diesel,Petrol , Gasoline to bigger items like cars, houses, jewellery, holidays,christmas gifts , electrical goods and appliances, Food and groceries. You name it we can get you cashback In fact I even get Cashback on my top up phone vouchers.

his isn’t a mickey mouse or a fly by night business it was founded 10 years ago and here are some of the UK Members offering cashback.

B and Q


PC World



Stena Line





And Hundreds More

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Cashback In Northern Ireland And UK With Tesco

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